And that is when I grew an inch


I had a dream, hope some may call it

A calling, a blessing

I felt the tug none the less

A silent gentle nudge to just take a step

Baby steps, nothing terrifying, just a step

To warm my heart

To keep me centered, to bring me closer to me

A pressure, comfortable and loving

So I trusted and I stepped


That is when I grew an inch


The experience of fear will do that do that to you

Creeping up on a dream

Unsure if it will remain still and await your arrival,

Ready to embrace you in warm light

Or if it will turn and run,

Resentful of your arrogant choice to get so close

Stars do not wish to be tarnished by such hands

That is why they don’t sit beside you

So I reach with force just in case

To get a head start

To increase my chances


That is when I grew an inch


I moved fast into bravery

Making my intention known, stepping into my light

Demanding what I craved to meet me half way

Being clear about what I needed

Expecting that it was already mine

Concentrating long and hard

Pure, uncluttered desire in my stare


That is when I grew an inch


Recognizing there was no purpose behind my movement

Knowing it was mine all along

I had only to hold my hand out for it to arrive

I only had to smile at it

To have it leap and roll to meet me where I was

I had only to feel it to trust that it was in me

Everything is mine,

And I belong to everything.

And That is when I grew an inch.

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