A Visit From Disappointment


I received a visit from disappointment today

Unannounced, unwanted, uninvited

No call to see if I was up for company or in the mood to entertain

Just nails scratching my door demanding I show up and accept the awkward gift of his surprise visit

Creeping in through the space I made when I cracked the door to see who was so obnoxiously announcing their presence

Slipping in under the chain lock, not needing much space to force entry into my previously comfort zone

Smirking as the pressure mounted and I couldn’t find the breath that connects me to my truth

Laughing as the wave of anger drowned my confidence and took the ground from under my feet

Whispering in my ear as I swam as quickly as I could to escape; proof that I was no match for his pace

Tiring quickly, the need to stop overwhelming

So I drop, and I wait for the wave to pass, for my breath to return

I wait

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