The space


That space that occupies time that you did not notice existed

That waits for no one and takes mercy upon none

The place where dreams are too distant to trust, and reality is too painful to believe

Where hopes lie with no real belief in their potential

Words are spoken that need to be for peace, not that must

Where truth is held hostage, and concession is given a voice

Where a pure love is a wish upon a star, and the draining energy of the environment crushes it deeper into stone

Where it becomes impossible to tell what love is supposed to look like anymore

Everything that once made sense no longer does

Every piece of knowledge is subject to inquisition, and there is no trust upon what once was truth

Can love exist as something so different to two separate souls?

Where is the point of cooperation, where the two begin to resemble one another?

What does it mean if they continue along parallel paths, never touching?

What if convergence happens?  Will they mold into one seamless and beautiful stream?

Or crash?

Or repel to opposite ends of the universe?

This is the space

Where nothing seems possible, and it is easier to ignore its presence

Until it catches those very souls off guard and forces time to slow down while they see what they have created

And they close their eyes and wait for the moment to pass

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